28 January, 2016


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One of my friend make Khova / Khoya instantly at home using milkmaid. It is so fast and becomes exactly like what we do by boiling milk to make Khova / Khoya. All these days I somehow ignored it, but now even I felt like trying it at home. I tried it and… It is super easy. You get yummy Khova / Khoya within minutes without much effort. In my Microwave it hardly took 6 minutes to get Khova / Khoya. Here i’m sharing the recipe of the same with you all



      Ingredients : 

  • Milkmaid – 1 tin ( Nestle – 400 gm )
  • Ghee – 1/2 tbsp
  • Curd – 1&1/2 tbsp




       PROCEDURE :

  • Mix everything well in microwavable glass container
  • Microwave for two minutes, , take out, stir well and microwave for one minute
  • Repeat this for three more times ( ie.. total 6 minutes )
  • At this stage , ie .. after 6 times, it becomes thick and gets grainy texture
  • If not … please repeat it for few more times as the time taken differs from one microwave to another
  • In my microwave I Could get the texture for only 6 minutes
  • Then let it cool for few  minutes and….. Khova / Khoya is ready


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