8 April, 2016


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UGADI is the new year day for the Hindus, based on the Hindu calender according to the movement of the Moon ( Lunar ). Mainly the people of  two states ie Karnataka and Andhrapradesh celebrate this festival by this name Ugadi. People of Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam and West Bengal also celebrate this festival by other names, but on the same day. The Sanskrit word Ugadi means Yuga+Adi = starting of new period ( yuga).  Ugadi marks a change in the lunar orbit as well as the beginning of the new Hindu lunar calendar. On this day we take ” Abhyanga ” ( head bath by applying Oil on the head ) and wear New clothes, make Rangoli in front of the house, Decorate the main door and the Pooja room with Mango leaves, neem leaves and Jasmine flowers, We Perform Pooja & eat the mixture of Neem flowers and Jaggery in the form of Prasadam. Special dishes are prepared and enjoyed to mark the festival. The reading of the Panchanga ( calender ) is also one of the important thing. Food….. is the normal trend in all festivals, occupies an important place in this festival too. we prepare……..


Raw Mango chutney, Split green gram and Bengal gram Salad mixed with cucumber ( Kosambari ),  two types of dry subji ( Palya ), Dal ( Tovve ), Semiya Kheer, Mango rice, Pooran Poli, Ambode ( dal vada ), Saaru ( rasam ), Majjige Huli ( Curd curry or kadi ), Curd rice.