13 January, 2017


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A day before Shankranthi is celebrated as Bhogi habba (bhogi festival) in Karnataka. The significance of this day is of being together with the family  by being a part of domestic activities.  This day is celebrated in the honor of Lord Indra …the God of Rain…. for the abundance of harvest. Fresh harvest of Rice, ground nuts, sesame seeds, turmeric, sugarcane, green tamarind, Hyacinth beans, Yellow pumpkin etc are all used on this particular day and on Shankranthi day. Below is today’s special platter using the same.


 Bhogi habba platter – 2018

 The platter consists of : 

  1.  Sesame seeds/til/yellina chutney
  2.  Fresh green chickpeas salad/hasi kadlekalu usli
  3. Red pumpkin/sihi kumbalakayi palya
  4. Huggi-gojju
  5. Tovve
  6. Broken wheat Payasa
  7. Til-groundnut holige
  8. Til/Yellina chitranna/Yellanna
  9. Yellina akki rotti
  10. Groundnut-amaranth- green chilli kootu



Bhogi habba Platter – 2017

The platter consists of :

  1. Green tamarind tokku (chutney)
  2. Hyacinth beans usli (salad)
  3. sihi kumbalakayi/red pumpkin palya
  4. Sesame seeds + Rice flour rotti
  5. Green leaves & Peanut Kootu (dal)
  6. Huggi gojju