2 September, 2017


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This is an authentic, old and traditional, delicious, nutritious recipe made using grains, lentils, nuts along with the goodness of dry coconut in jaggery syrup. This particular recipe was made only when there used to be big functions like marriage and Upanayana (thread ceremony). As far as my knowledge goes nobody does this on regular days or festivals etc at least in southern parts of Karnataka. Few days back suddenly somehow I remembered this unde and my mother  grand mother were the experts in doing this, so I have eaten this a lot. They had even prepared it during my marriage, my both son’s threading ceremony, marriages of our extended family, relatives etc. No doubt we (all the four of us) are the biggest fan of this particular unde/Laddu.

It gets the name Kallunde (Kallu+unde) because of its hardness after it takes the unde/laddu form. It is almost hard to break with the light hand, rather you really need to put some effort/pressure to break it, but once you break, it can be consumed without any issue of hardness. The word Kallu translates to stone and unde translates to laddu….meaning… it is/it becomes hard like stone.

Chana dal/Split bengal gram is high in fiber and helps to lower cholesterol, it is a source of zinc, calcium, protein and folate, it is good for diabetic people etc. Split green gram is rich in protein, dietary fiber, it has nutrients like manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, zinc and various B vitamins. Whole wheat is used in the whole grain form in this recipe, which has almost all the nutrients like those two grams and also good for weight loss, reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, good for diabetes, women health etc….. overall rice, peanuts, roasted gram, dry coconut and jaggery all are a healthy ingredients to use. So on the whole this unde/laddu is very healthy and nutritious to relish on.

You need to be really fast while making undegalu/laddus, as it gets hardened very fast


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Ingredients :

  • Whole wheat/godhi – 1/3 cup
  • Rice/akki – 1/3 cup
  • Yellow lentil/moong dal – 1/3 cup
  • Split bengal gram/kadalebele – 1/3 cup
  • Peanuts/kadlebeeja – 1/3 cup
  • Roasted gram/hurigadale – 1/4 cup
  • Grated dry coconut – 1/2 cup (adjust)(remove/peel the black part and grate only the white part of it)
  • Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  • Jaggery – 1 cup
  • Water – 1/2 cup



  • Dry roast each ingredients, except coconut, separately into light brown on a medium flame without burning
  • After roasting all the other ingredients, remove the pan from the heat and dry roast grated coconut in that hot pan for a minute or so


  • Meanwhile dissolve the powdered jaggery in 1/2 cup of water completely, strain the dissolved syrup, then place it on medium fire and make syrup of 1 string consistency, and allow it to  cool a bit


  • Now once the roasted ingredients comes to room temperature, grind it into a fine powder in a mixie along with cardamom powder

  • Transfer the ground powder into a bowl, add in grated coconut and mix well


  • Now add in jaggery syrup to the ground powder, mix well and make undegalu/laddus
  • You need to be really fast while making undegalu/laddus, as it gets hardened very fast