”Tinditirtha” is a phrase in Kannada which denotes food in simple terms. As in Hindi they say Khana wana, Nashta washta. When used as two separate words, ”Tindi”’means breakfast/snacks etc.

”Tirtha” has many meanings when used singularly. In the context of food/eating it means to take a liquid diets (coffee/tea/juice/soup). Tirtha or water taken before food lubricates the food pipe & stomach , so that food followed passes through without any hinderance.

It also denotes a traditional practice of taking ”tirtha” before food. ”Tirtha” or Holy water is an offering made to God and consumed as his blessings and thanking God and mother nature for all that we have. ”Tirtha” is normally pure water (shuddhodaka) which has been used to bathe (wash) God, Idols/saligrama and is collected in a bowl and mixed with tulasi, edible camphor, cardamom & saffron strands etc. which has many medicinal values, healing powers & curative properties. So obviously by taking a spoonful of ”tirtha” before food keeps us away from many diseases and infections.