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Basically I inherited the art of cooking, as almost everybody ie Mom, both grandmother, aunts and even some of my uncles are expert cooks. My mom, dadi, nani (now they are no more) everybody always focused on healthy cooking and eating. So in a way they only have inculcated this healthy eating habit in me. I would like to say I also have passion for cooking , because I never had any objection regarding cooking whenever mom wanted my help. I used to help mom, dadi, nani in kitchen whenever I got chance. In this way learnt basics from them and learnt some by watching them cooking.  And also started innovating the recipes (there are many, and I hope to share all those recipes in my blog). Along with studies, I was always engaged in sports, extracurricular activities, I learnt vocal Carnatic music, Instrumental ( Saraswati Veena ) music, I love reading books, have interest in Knitting, recently I learnt to play Violin, Above all I am very fond of driving.

After marriage I didn’t find it much difficult to cook, but focused more on healthy cooking with good ingredients. My in-laws (now no more) husband, children are fond of eating varieties of food.  They are both my supporters and critics at the same time. They taste every new dish I cook without any complaints, Instead they suggest changes if any. I learn from everywhere (restaurants, functions, chefs etc) and everyone I meet. I wanted the collection of my recipes at one place, so I recently started to write a food blog (tinditirtha.com) since few months with the help and encouragement of my children and husband.

I want to learn different tastes, different methods of cooking, I want to learn the recipes of all the states in India, that’s why I joined different groups. So good to connect with you all, I am amazed at the support I get from all the people of all the groups. It’s very encouraging. Learning so much from all the groups. I still have so many untried recipes, will definitely try each and every recipe and continue to share the same with you all. But baking is new to me, only since few months I have started with learning baking.

My husband is a workaholic so with all my above said interests, I have to concentrate on home, children etc. So unable to blog everyday… I do it whenever possible. Thank you all for reading my food story.

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