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This is Divya Suresh…. I welcome you to my Vegetarian food blog : tinditirtha.com  I am now based in Gurgaon but we are basically from Karnataka. I am familiar with vegetarian cooking since the age of twelve. Everybody in my house i.e. my mom, both grand mothers, aunts were experts in cooking. so I inherited the art of cooking. Obviously I learnt all the basics and do’s n don’ts of cooking from them. With that basic idea I continued to do my own trial and error recipes.

I have a collection of recipes which are self innovated/created, learnt from various T V cookery programmes, friends, relatives,various cookery books written by famous authors etc.

In this blog I will try and post all the best vegetarian recipes I know till now and continue to do so with many new recipes which are tried and tested/tasted by me. Hope you enjoy reading my blog and trying out the recipes as well.

My Husband and two sons are the biggest critics and supporters at home, which helps and encourages me for trying different new dishes.

I welcome your suggestions which would help me in improving.

Thank you all


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